J-Certain – “A Synthetic Diamond Detector For Studded Jewellery”

J-Certain “Synthetic Diamond Detector For Diamond Studded in Jewellery”

We take pleasure to present you our latest development “J-Certain” With promising tag “stay Confident”.

  • We are glad to present to you, a revolutionary solution for Synthetic Diamond( CVD / HPHT ) detection in studded jewellery…We announce to you “J – Certain”.
  • With committed operational gains, Our solution “J-certain” helps you by reaching to cost effectiveness factor of diamond & Jewellery industry. Succeeding…. Our Innovation leads to The “ J-Certain “ solution by emphasizing on Market and Technology Research ,driving through strong supply chain ,exploring options for product development ,selecting best combination of cost and performance and altering solutions.
  • J-Certain is the smartest and most cost effective tool in its domain.

Product Highlights:

  • Capable of scanning up to 3,00,000 Diamonds per hour of size 1mm.
  • Large Scanning Area of 20 cm x11 cm.
  • High quality – Innovative and German technology inside.
  • Compatible to test all sizes (0.002Ct to 10Ct) and Shapes
  • Capable of testing Diamond Studded in any size and shape of jewellery like Bangle, Necklace, Pendent, Rings, Ear rings etc.
  • it can also test  (rough and polished) Diamonds in loose form.
  • Real-Time USB Interface
  • Single stage test for distinguishing synthetic (CVD / HPHT ) diamonds.
  • Fastest tool for (CVD / HPHT) detection
  • Lowest Maintenance
  • Easy to operate software interface without any deep knowledge of Gemology

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