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What We Do ?

The main focus of Massive Tech Lab is to create and manufacture the products that can solve operational complications.
While most innovators focus on what product does, our main aim is to emphasis on what product does for you.
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Market Research

With our highly experienced Market Research team, we follow a market driven system whose main emphasis is on needs of customers. By carrying out market research and establishing needs of customers, our main is manufacturing products that omits functional faults along with putting up a good sale.

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Technological Research

We have isolated Research and Development department having highly skilled, experienced and talented staff that are ready to accept challenges in the fast growing field of research. New product design and development is more often than a crucial factor in an industry that is fast changing .Firms must continually revise their designs and range of products so as to handle the continuous technology change and also the changing preferences of customers.

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Research For Alternatives

After finding feasible technical solution of operational dysfunctions, we analyze designs, concepts and current technology to innovate solution with best performance, highest reliability and cost effectiveness.

Go to Implement solution with Highest performance to cost ratio

Implement solution with Highest performance to cost ratio

After satisfactory research and careful understanding of each aspect of alternative options, we start implementation of finalized concept with synergized efforts of our Designing, Manufacturing, Automation, and Information technology departments.
By strictly supervising every step of implementation, we make sure that our products retain each quality aspect that we would have proposed in the solution prepared after market research.

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Welcome to massive tech lab

Providing Solutions with Cutting Edge Technology and Honored with Your Satisfaction.

Massive Tech lab Introduces spectacular solution in today’s emerging Diamond industry for Development of hi-end engineered technological products. By concentrating on functional difficulties of industry, our company avails end-to-end solutions. Tracking latest technological requirements of market, our R&D department offers high-tech machinery and latest equipment that improves capability and reduces overhead expenses of our customers.

Massive tech Lab endeavors to avail products and services that fulfil manufacturing needs of customer’s business in a cost effective manner. Massive Tech Lab, with its core expertise, supporting both modern and legacy platforms, has a motto to give its best and holds an attitude to accept massive challenges concerning problem-solving and customer satisfaction. MTL conceptualizes and captures initial requirements along with providing a wide range of designs, development and quality assurance capabilities. MTL enacts on-time delivery and implements cost effective solutions with best quality and highest reliability.

MTL offers wide range of products with customized software development and beholding strong essence of technology that not only helps us to keep up with today’s competitive environment, but also improves performance of clients.

Looking for most cost effective, qualitative, and Reliable, solutions for your business to be delivered at your screen?.... Massive Tech Lab is the perfect choice. We are always ready to take an opportunity to serve you by undertaking your problems as challenges. We ensure you that we will never give you a chance to regret approaching Massive Tech Lab.

  • Our Mission is enduring. Our purpose and aim is to serve up to the standards by using centric approach thereby enriching industry everyday everywhere.

  • Our Vision is Massive, symbolizing the first choice for solution in industry. It is framework for our paths. It guides every aspects of our business by describing what we need to accomplish in order to continue achieving sustainable and quality growth..


    We are a great team to work with. Here, people are inspired to be the best version of themselves. Our concern about the people who are stakeholders for organization and part of leading it successfully ahead also plays a part in our success. We strengthen a winning network of customers and suppliers. Together, we create robust team.


    To create, formulate and structure the turn-key solution in form of “Product” by being a highly effective, lean and fast-growing organization.


    Maximizing Customer satisfaction is the biggest profit we feel to earn. It in turn leads to invention of more quality solutions.


    Bringing to the world a portfolio by means of developing innovative and technological solutions that anticipate and satisfy people's desires and needs. Engineering by MTL signifies the frequency of innovation and turn-key solutions developed by MTL.

Our Products

Our solutions in form of product:


Synthetic Diamond Detector
-Fastest instrument for CVD diamond detection
-can detect sizes bttween 0.002 cts to 10 cts.
-Capable of scanning 1,00,000 diamonds/hour.
-Real time USB interface and Automatic calibration.
-Low maintenance cost.


Synthetic diamond detector for diamond studded in jewelry.
– Fastest instrument to scan diamonds studded in jewelry.
-it can scan Necklace, Ring , Earrings, pendants, Bengals.
-Cycle time :35 – 40 Seconds
-Bigger tray size.
-Report printing is possible.
-can test Rough/Polished diamonds.



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Leaflet of G-Certain and J-Certain - "A Synthetic Diamond Detector" is here. Please click Download Button to Download it.

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